Alsco’s range of pneumatic dispensing equipment provides reliable solutions for customers who want to streamline their adhesive or sealant application processes while ensuring accuracy and consistency without sacrificing quality. As a leading distributor of dispensing solutions, we provide a wide range of dispensing solutions that are designed to meet the needs of diverse industries.

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What Is a Pneumatic Dispenser?

A pneumatic dispensing gun is a device that utilises pressurised air to dispense adhesives and sealants. The equipment consists of an air-powered piston that moves within a cylinder, which pushes the adhesive or sealant out through a dispensing tip. The pressure of the dispensed material can be adjusted according to specific needs.

Pneumatic adhesive dispensers are commonly used in industrial “in factory” environments, such as automotive, bus, truck, caravan, ,modular and other manufacturing assembly processes. These tools are versatile, providing reliable performance for various manufacturing processes. By implementing these devices into their operations, businesses can improve their productivity while reducing waste from excess material usage.

Benefits of Pneumatic Dispensing

Accurate dispensing

Accurate dispensing of materials is critical in many industries such as those listed above. A pneumatic adhesive dispenser offers accurate and consistent material dispensing to help reduce waste or error.

Health & Safey

By using pneumatic dispensing tools, the risk of repetitive strain injuries for production operatives is eliminated offering benefits for both the employee and employer.

Consistent results

Consistency is vital when it comes to dispensing materials with precision and accuracy. This is where pneumatic dispensing equipment comes into play, as it ensures consistency in the results you achieve for every application.

Increased efficiency

Pneumatic dispensing tools are designed to help businesses streamline their production processes by automating the dispensing process. With faster production times, reduced material waste and higher-quality products, companies can reduce costs while meeting customer demands more effectively.

Selection criteria for equipment

When it comes to selecting equipment, there are several criteria to consider.

One of the most significant factors is the type of material that will be dispensed. Pneumatic dispensing equipment is an excellent choice when working with low to medium viscous products, such as adhesives and sealants.

Another crucial factor to consider is the volume of material needed for each application. Pneumatic dispensers are ideal for high-volume applications because they can handle large quantities of adhesive or sealant quickly and efficiently.

Ease of use and maintenance should also be taken into consideration. Most modern systems are designed with user-friendly interfaces that simplify operations, even for those without technical expertise.