Sika Sikaflex 255FC 310ml

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Sika Sikaflex 255FC 310ml

Available in box quantities of 12 only.

Available in Black.

High Strength, Elastic Adhesive.
Sikaflex-255 FC is a fast curing, flexible, high-performance one-component, polyurethane based adhesive for bonding glass, panels and other structures to a variety of substrates. Sikaflex-255 FC begins to cure and exhibit excellent green strength as soon as the product is extruded or the cartridge is opened. Sikaflex®-255 FC is not for use in the replacement of automotive windshields. Sikaflex ®
– 255 FC is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001/14001 Quality Assurance Systems and the Responsible Care Program.

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Sika Sikaflex 255FC 310ml

Product Benefits
-Low odor
-Bonds and seals at the same time
-Short tack free and curing time
-Very high thixotropy for good gap filling properties
-Adhesion to a wide range of
-Non-staining curing process
-Initial load bearing capacity
-Overpaintable with many coatings (Consult Sika)
-Increases torsional stiffness of final assembly
– Shock/Impact resistant
-Vibration and sound damping properties

Areas of Application
Sikaflex®-255 FC is suitable for use on glass as well as metal panels (primed and painted). Sikaflex
® -255 FC offers extremely high initial bond strength. Its fast rate of cure results in rapid strength development andshorter service times.
-Bonding trim, molding and all kinds of styling elements
-Structural bonding of large parts,including sheet metal, composites and glass
-Used to replace rivets and other mechanical fasteners
-This product is suitable only for experienced professional users.
-Tests with actual substrates and conditions have to be performed to ensure adhesion and material

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