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Sikaflex 252 Adhesive and Sealant 300ml

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Bonds well to a wide variety of substrates
Good gap-filling properties
Can be overpainted
Vibration damping
Electrically non-conductive

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One-component polyurethane adhesive Sikaflex 252 is formulated to bond large vehicle components. It is a strong material that can handle high dynamic pressures and fills gaps effectively. It is composed of a stiff, paste-like material that cures when exposed to atmospheric moisture, resulting in a durable elastomer.

The Sikaflex 252 adhesive binds a wide range of substrates with outstanding performance. This adhesive is suitable for bonding metal, wood and wood products, composites, aluminium, ceramic, sheet steel, paints and coatings, and most plastics. As it tolerates dynamic stress, it is useful for structural joints. It’s also commonly used to locate flooring and exterior and interior construction jobs. Sikaflex 252 is a great alternative to mechanical fasteners, such as screws, rivets and welds. This adhesive provides a one-step seal and bond.

Sikaflex 252 is produced by Sika, a leading manufacturer of adhesive products, such as Polyurethane, hybrid and other adhesives, for Industrial, Automotive, Marine and Construction.

Easily bonds to a variety of surfaces

Whether you’re working with timber, aluminium (including anodised components), or sheet metals, this adhesive can confidently adhere to them all. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for numerous applications and industries.

Strong enough to withstand high dynamic stresses

Due to its exceptional strength and flexibility, this adhesive can withstand intense vibrations, impacts, and motion. Whether it’s bonding metal panels in the automotive industry or securing timber components, Sikaflex 252 ensures a long-lasting bond that holds up even under extreme conditions.

Fills gaps well

In situations where surfaces are uneven or materials have small gaps, Sikaflex 252 helps bond them. Whether you’re working with metal, timber, or plastic, Sikaflex 252 ensures a tight and secure bond, creating a seamless connection.

While other adhesives may struggle to adhere properly when faced with irregularities or gaps, Sikaflex 252 excels at filling these voids. This not only results in improved durability but also provides enhanced strength and stability to your projects.

How do you apply Sikaflex 252

Surface prepping is necessary before application. Surface treatments vary depending on the substrate and are essential for long-term bonding. Refer to the information leaflet enclosed with the product.

Sikaflex 252 is suitable for pneumatic, battery or manual piston guns, as well as pumps. Ensure the adhesive is at room temperature before using it for easy application. For a uniform bond line thickness, Sikaflex 252 should be applied in a triangular shape.

What are the benefits to using Sikaflex 252?

There are several benefits to using Sikaflex 252, including being paintable, noise-dampening and non-conductive. Moreover, it dries fast, does not stain and can be sanded. It resists shock, weather, water, caustic solutions and dilutes acids. This adhesive is widely used in various industries, including automotive, general industry, industrial maintenance, marine, wind and solar.

How strong is Sikaflex 252?

Sikaflex 252 has excellent adhesive strength and elasticity. It’s capable of reducing or even eliminating the usage of conventional fasteners such as welds and rivets.

How do you remove it?

You can remove uncured Sikaflex 252 from tools and equipment using Sika Remover 208 or a similar solvent. To remove the cured material, mechanical removal is the only option.

What is Sikaflex 252 used for?

Sikaflex 252 adhesive’s composition makes it an ideal choice for bonding large components, ensuring their durability and stability. It’s most commonly used in the transportation industry for structural bonding. Many vehicles, including trucks and trailers, are assembled and repaired with it.

Sikaflex 252 is great for creating strong and durable bonds between metals, plastics, and composites. This versatility allows automotive manufacturers to streamline their production process by using a single adhesive for multiple applications.

Is it fuel-resistant?

Sikaflex-252 offers temporary resistance to fuels, mineral oils, vegetable and animal fats and oils. In applications where contact with these substances is inevitable, Sikaflex-252 is a great choice.

Do you need a primer?

In some cases, a primer may be necessary for achieving the best results with Sikaflex 252. Primers help promote adhesion on particularly challenging surfaces.

Can you paint Sikaflex 252?

The good news is that Sikaflex 252 can indeed be painted, making it even more versatile and suitable for different projects. Painting over Sikaflex 252 not only enhances aesthetic appeal but also provides an additional layer of protection against environmental factors.

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