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Soudaflex 40FC Adhesive and Sealant 310ml

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Polyurethane Sealant and Adhesive

High Modulus

Excellent Adhesion

High Bond Strength

Fast Curing

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Soudaflex 40FC – 310ml is a polyurethane sealant adhesive featuring superior mechanical and chemical properties designed to bond and seal surfaces such as concrete floors, walls and metals. The product comes in various colours and is developed by Soudal, well-known for its high-quality product line of PU sealants and foams, hybrid polymers and silicone sealants. 

Among the largest independent manufacturers in Europe, Soudal offers premium hardware lubricants, sealants, adhesives and polyurethane foams to professionals and consumers alike.

Soudaflex 40FC is a polyurethane sealant adhesive that offers excellent adhesion, outstanding UV resistance, extensive chemical resistance and high bonding strength. It’s easy to apply and cures quickly, retaining elasticity for a long time.

High-modulus polyurethane sealant and adhesive

High modulus polyurethane sealants and adhesives, such as the Soudaflex 40FC – 310ml, are a game-changer in the construction industry. It offers unrivalled bonding power for a wide range of applications because of its strength and durability. No matter what you’re sealing or adhering to, this high-modulus formula does the job.

High level of adhesion

Excellent adhesion is an essential quality to look for in any adhesive, and Soudaflex 40FC certainly does not disappoint in this aspect. From construction projects to manufacturing, its superior adhesion makes it the best choice.

High bond strength

Soudaflex 40FC adhesive has a high bond strength. This means that when you use this adhesive, you can have peace of mind knowing that whatever you’re bonding together will stay put.

Cure time is short

Time is precious in a fast-paced world, so waiting for products to cure can be frustrating. The Soudaflex 40FC, with its quick-drying formula, eliminates this concern. Whenever you’re in a hurry or have an urgent project, this is perfect.

This feature saves time and boosts productivity. With the Soudaflex 40fc, you can complete your task swiftly and move on to the next step without any unnecessary delays. This increased productivity benefits professionals who rely on speed to meet tight deadlines but also DIY enthusiasts who want to make the most out of their limited available time.

Sealing/bonding in manufacturing and construction industries

Manufacturers and construction professionals alike are always on the lookout for reliable sealing and bonding solutions to ensure the durability and strength of their products.

In manufacturing, the Soudaflex 40FC – 600ml can be used for bonding various materials like metals and concrete. Its exceptional adhesion properties make it perfect for applications where high levels of strength are required.

In the construction industry, this versatile sealant finds numerous uses as well and effectively seals joints. From floors and walls to concrete structures, Soudaflex 40FC can be relied upon to provide a long-lasting seal that stands up against harsh weather conditions.

Bondings on surfaces subject to vibration and movement

When it comes to structural bondings on materials subject to vibration and movement, Soudaflex 40FC adhesive stands out as a reliable solution. This versatile product offers excellent bonding capabilities while accommodating the inevitable challenges that arise from ongoing vibrations or movement.

Joint sealing of concrete flooring

Concrete flooring joints are often overlooked when it comes to sealing, yet they play a vital role in maintaining a structure’s integrity. Properly sealed concrete joints can prevent water infiltration, chemical damage, and even potential structural issues.

When it comes to sealing applications, including concrete flooring joints, using a high-quality product like Soudaflex 40FC is essential for long-term performance and protection.

What is the curing time for Soudaflex 40FC?

Soudaflex 40FC cures in just 24 hours, so it’s great for projects that need fast bonding. There’s no need to wait for days or weeks for the adhesive to fully cure. Shorter curing times also mean less downtime and more productivity.

What is the application process for Soudaflex 40FC?

Whether you choose to use a manual, pneumatic, or accu caulking gun, the application process is relatively straightforward. Prep the surface by cleaning it thoroughly and removing dirt or debris that may interfere with adhesion.

Next, insert the cartridge of Soudaflex 40FC into your chosen sealant gun. Once your cartridge is ready, place it into the sealant gun and apply even pressure as you move along the joint or surface where you want to apply adhesive. It’s essential to maintain a steady hand and smooth out any excess adhesive with a caulk smoother or similar tool while it’s still wet. Remember to work in small sections at a time to ensure proper application and adhesion.

How long does Soudal Soudaflex 40FC take to dry?

Unlike many other sealants on the market, Soudaflex 40FC has a relatively quick drying time, with a full cure achieved within 24 hours. Whether you are sealing joints, bonding materials, or carrying out any other application, the ability to complete the job quickly can save both time and money.

What are the benefits of using Soudaflex 40FC?

The Soudaflex 40FC sealant offers a lot of benefits. Its excellent adhesion ensures a secure bond on various surfaces, while its high bond strength guarantees long-term durability.

What can you use Soudaflex 40FC for?

Soudaflex 40FC sealant adhesive is ideal for many applications, such as bonding and sealing panels and roof tiles. The product is also an excellent joint sealant, suitable for road construction, bridge construction, industrial flooring and manufacturing industries. It’s also commonly used to structurally bond moving and vibration-sensitive materials.

How do you do a Sealant test for Soudaflex 40CF?

A small adhesion test is recommended to ensure the product’s proper performance. Note that oxidative drying paints may lead to drying disturbances.

What is the Best Practice for Soudaflex 40CF Application?

Apply Soudaflex 40FC with a caulking gun, either manually or pneumatically. For clean-up, use White Spirit or Soudal Surface Cleaner as soon as possible before curing. Soudal Finishing solution or a soapy solution should be applied ahead of skinning. The same material should be used for doing repairs.

Is Soudaflex 40FC paintable?

Even though Soudaflex 40FC is over paintable, testing it on a small area is advised first. Furthermore, 40FC is a flexible sealant and adhesive, while the paint is not. Cracks can develop over time due to the movement of the sealant while the paint does not move.

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