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Soudaflex 40FC Adhesive and Sealant 600ml

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Polyurethane Sealant and Adhesive

High Modulus

Excellent Adhesion

High Bond Strength

Fast Curing

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Soudaflex 40FC – 310ml is a polyurethane sealant adhesive featuring superior mechanical and chemical properties designed to bond and seal surfaces such as concrete floors, walls and metals. The product comes in various colours and is developed by Soudal, well-known for its high-quality product line of PU sealants and foams, hybrid polymers and silicone sealants. 

Among the largest independent manufacturers in Europe, Soudal offers premium hardware lubricants, sealants, adhesives and polyurethane foams to professionals and consumers alike.

Soudaflex 40FC is a polyurethane sealant adhesive that offers excellent adhesion, outstanding UV resistance, extensive chemical resistance and high bonding strength. It’s easy to apply and cures quickly, retaining elasticity for a long time. 

What can you use Soudaflex 40FC for?

Soudaflex 40FC sealant adhesive is ideal for many applications, such as bonding and sealing panels and roof tiles. The product is also an excellent joint sealant, suitable for road construction, bridge construction, industrial flooring and manufacturing industries. It’s also commonly used to structurally bond moving and vibration-sensitive materials.

How do you do a Sealant test for Soudaflex 40CF?

A small adhesion test is recommended to ensure the product’s proper performance. Note that oxidative drying paints may lead to drying disturbances.

What is the Best Practice for Soudaflex 40CF Application?

Apply Soudaflex 40FC with a caulking gun, either manually or pneumatically. For clean-up, use White Spirit or Soudal Surface Cleaner as soon as possible before curing. Soudal Finishing solution or a soapy solution should be applied ahead of skinning. The same material should be used for doing repairs.

Is Soudaflex 40FC paintable?

Even though Soudaflex 40FC is over paintable, testing it on a small area is advised first. Furthermore, 40FC is a flexible sealant and adhesive, while the paint is not. Cracks can develop over time due to the movement of the sealant while the paint does not move.

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