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Alsco MS55 High Tack Polymer Adhesive White 600ml

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Single component MS polymer
High Strength structural adhesives
Suitable for use on a wide range of substrates
High grab properties
Silane terminated

MS55 MS Polymer/Hybrid Adhesive is an adhesive designed to provide superior performance and lasting durability to create a strong flexible bond between two surfaces. This product offers high strength once cured with very high initial grab characteristics to effectively hold surfaces together whilst the product cures to its rubberised full strength state. It has excellent unprimed adhesion characteristics and is suitable for many materials including wood, metal, plastic, composites, and most other porous materials. The MS55 adhesive is resistant to moisture and temperature changes, allowing it to be used indoors as well as outdoors, if you’re looking for a multi-purpose adhesive for Industrial and construction use, Alsco’s MS55 should be at the top of your list.

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What is a hybrid adhesive?

A hybrid adhesive is created by mixing two adhesive chemistries, incorporating the benefits of both whilst eliminating any individual negatives. This technology makes it possible to bond different substrates at high performances without the need for primers and provide a non-hazardous adhesive suitable for safe operator use. A hybrid adhesive can be applied easily, even in low-temperature and humid environments, and it’s workable on a variety of surfaces.

A hybrid adhesive, such as the MS55 Hybrid Adhesive, allows manufacturers to create strong bonds under the most demanding conditions. The strength and flexibility of a hybrid adhesive enable it to be used in situations where one material may be subject to more significant stress or wear.


Single-component, MS polymer adhesive

One component adhesives cure using heat and atmospheric moisture, the warmer and more humid the environment, the quicker the cure and strength build-up. They can be applied to surfaces all-year round providing the ambient temperature does not fall below 5oC.

MS polymer and hybrid sealants are truly versatile in their uses and applications. They are moisture tolerant, so can be applied to damp surfaces, are over-paintable and offer excellent resistance to UV degradation. They offer the benefits of both silicone and Polyurethane materials, without the drawbacks of either.

High-strength structural adhesive

High-strength structural adhesives ensure structural stability across a wide range of applications and markets. MS55 combines flexibility with strength, making it a good choice for demanding environments.

Suitable for use on a wide range of substrates

The MS55 Hybrid Adhesive is a powerful adhesive suitable for use on a wide range of substrates. It is capable of bonding damp as well as dry surfaces, thus facilitating efficient production processes.

High grab properties

Adhesives with high grab properties adhere and bond to most solid materials well and offer the option to assemble parts without the need for clamping. Their versatility allows them to bond to most surfaces, making them equally suitable for interior and exterior use.

Silane terminated

This means the adhesive polymer backbone structure “open” elements are end-capped or terminated by silane groups. This provides resistance to attack from UV radiation and contributes to a fully cured adhesive that remains permanently elastic and flexible, able to accommodate dynamic loads & co-efficient of expansion to maintain structural integrity even during movements and deformations.

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