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Araldite 2011 Epoxy Adhesive Paste 50ml

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Two component Epoxy
Bonds multiple metal and plastics
Long pot life – 100mins at RT
Self levelling
Resistant to dynamic loads

As a multi-purpose adhesive, Araldite 2011 is trusted by engineers, technicians and DIY enthusiasts alike for its reliable performance in a range of industries. It’s used as an automotive adhesive and for industries like construction, marine and general Industrial applications.

With its two-component epoxy resin formulation, Araldite 2011 provides an exceptionally strong bond that can withstand even the most challenging environments. Whether you need to bond metals, plastics, ceramics or rubber, Araldite 2011 is up to the task.

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Product Features

Bonds various materials

When bonding metals and plastics, you need an adhesive that can deliver a reliable and lasting hold. Araldite 2011 is a versatile adhesive. It’s designed to bond multiple metals and plastics, making it a go-to solution for many applications.

Long working life

When you’re working on a complex bonding project, you need a metal adhesive that gives you time to work with it without compromising on performance. Araldite glue gives you ample time to adjust and position your materials before the bond sets.

Low shrinkage

Araldite epoxy’s low shrinkage formula means that once the adhesive is applied and dried, the materials remain firmly in place, ensuring your bond remains secure over time. This is especially important for applications where precision is key, such as in manufacturing electronic components.

What Is Araldite 2011 Used for?

Araldite 2011 is a versatile adhesive that can be used for various bonding applications.

In the automotive industry, Araldite 2011 is used to bond metal parts together, such as aluminium panels or steel components. It’s also used in construction to bond materials like wood, concrete and plastics and a wide array of commonly used Industrial materials.

How Do You Apply Araldite?

  1.   Ensure that the surfaces you want to bond are clean, dry and free from any dirt, grease or other contaminants that could compromise the bond.
  2.   Attach mixer nozzle supplied to end of cartridge, insert cartridge/nozzle into a suitable dispenser tool such as Medmix CBM25.  
  3.   Dispense and discard small amount of adhesive to ensure both components are thoroughly mixed. The product can then be applied to one of the surfaces you want to bond.
  4.   After applying the adhesive, carefully position the second surface over the first, taking care to align them correctly (clamping where necessary).
  5.   Leave the bond to dry completely before moving or using the bonded item.
  6. Be sure to apply a fresh mixer nozzle to the cartridge should the mixed material cure (go hard) in the initial mixer nozzle to ensure easy application (repeating step 2).

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