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Araldite 2012 Epoxy Adhesive Paste 50ml

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Araldite 2012 is a high-strength adhesive that has become a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its superior bonding capabilities, Araldite 2012 has proven to be a reliable solution for a variety of applications, from Industrial manufacturing to DIY and construction projects.

Whether you’re a design engineer, fabrication specialist, experienced tradesperson DIY enthusiast or simply looking for an effective adhesive for your next project, Araldite 2012 is an ideal choice.

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Two component Epoxy
6 minutes pot life at RT
20 minutes fixture time at RT
Self levelling
Resistant to dynamic loads

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Product Benefits

Fast curing

Fast curing is a crucial aspect of any structural adhesive product, and Araldite 2012 excels in this area. This adhesive has a fast setting time, allowing for quick and efficient bonding of materials.

Araldite 2012’s fast curing properties result in increased productivity and reduced downtime, making it an ideal choice for manufacturers who need to produce high-quality products quickly.

Furthermore, Araldite 2012’s fast curing properties do not compromise on its strength and durability. This makes it an excellent choice for applications where reliability is critical.


Self-levelling allows the product to spread evenly across uneven surfaces, ensuring a strong bond between materials. Whether it’s metal, plastic or wood, Araldite 2012’s self-levelling properties ensure that any gaps or irregularities are filled in for maximum adhesion.

Moreover, the self-levelling property of Araldite 2012 enables users to work with greater precision and accuracy. The adhesive flows smoothly into corners and hard-to-reach areas, which provides more flexibility in bonding different shapes and sizes of materials.

Bonds multiple metals and plastics

Araldite 2012 structural adhesive is a two-part epoxy adhesive that bonds multiple metals and plastics with high strength. It offers excellent adhesion to most substrates, including aluminium, brass, copper, steel, plastics, and ceramics.

How long does araldite 2012 take to dry?

Araldite 2012 takes around 16 hours to dry, depending on the temperature and humidity of the environment. The curing time also depends on the amount of adhesive applied and the thickness of the bond line. The thicker the bond line, the longer it will take for Araldite 2012 to cure completely.

If you need your adhesive bond to withstand heavy loads or high stress levels, it’s best to leave it for at least 24 hours before subjecting your project to these conditions.

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