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ITW Plexus MA300 Methacrylate Adhesive (Cream) 400ml

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Two part methacrylate adhesive
Working time 3 – 6 minutes
Fixture time 12-15 minutes
Mixing ratio 1:1
High strength and stiffness

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Plexus MA300 – 400ml is a methacrylate adhesive composed of two components. This adhesive is designed to assemble thermoplastics, metals and composite materials in various applications. Developed by ITW Performance Polymers, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-performance lubricants, sealants and adhesives of various types, such as silicone adhesive products.

Plexus MA300 is characterised by a high degree of stiffness and strength. A versatile adhesive, it can bond various materials, including acrylic, aluminium, ABS, steel, polyester, polyvinyl chloride, wood, composites and thermoplastics. The product is available in the form of cartridges, and it requires dispensing guns to be used.

1:1 ratio

Its 1:1 ratio eliminates any guesswork when it comes to getting the mixture right. With a precise measurement system in place, users can be confident that they are achieving optimal performance with each application. This consistency is crucial for ensuring a strong bond and reliable results in various applications.

Strength development that’s fast and consistent

The Plexus MA300 – 400ml offers unique advantages when it comes to fast and consistent strength development at room temperature. Unlike other adhesives that require higher temperatures or extended curing times, Plexus MA300 delivers exceptional bonding performance in a fraction of the time. Within minutes, the adhesive begins to harden and develop robust strength, ensuring a quick bond for even the most demanding applications.

Strong, stiff, and tough

Plexus MA300 structural adhesive is a game-changer when it comes to high strength, stiffness, and toughness. Whether you’re working with composites, metals, or plastics, this adhesive offers exceptional bonding capabilities. It has been specifically designed to provide long-lasting performance in even the most demanding applications.

Non-sag thixotropic dispensing

Unlike traditional adhesives that tend to drip or sag when applied, non-sag thixotropic adhesives maintain their shape and hold vertically without any support. This feature not only saves time and effort during application but also ensures more precise and controlled placement of the adhesive. Whether you are bonding two surfaces together or filling gaps, non-sag thixotropic dispensing gives you the confidence to work with ease, knowing that the adhesive will stay exactly where you want it.

What is Plexus adhesive?

Plexus adhesives have revolutionised how we bond engineered plastics, addressing the significant challenge of creating strong and durable bonds. Whether you’re looking for a silicone adhesive or plasterboard adhesive, Plexus adhesives are specially formulated to effectively bond materials. With Plexus adhesives, manufacturers can confidently create products with joints that are stronger than ever before.

How long does it take for Plexus to cure?

At a combined ratio of 1:1, this powerful adhesive has a working time of 3 to 6 minutes. This allows ample time for users to position and align materials before the bond starts to set. With its quick setting properties, Plexus MA300 ensures efficiency and minimal downtime in assembly processes.

In terms of achieving strength, Plexus MA300 does a remarkable job as well. It reaches approximately 75% of its ultimate strength once fully cured.

How do you apply Plexus MA300?

To apply Plexus MA300, you can use a manual application method or any stainless steel bulk dispensing equipment that you may have on hand.

During the application process, ensure that the surfaces are mated within the specified working time to achieve maximum bond strength. Plexus MA300 should be used in sufficient quantities so that once the joints are mated and clamped together, they will be filled with the material. Adhesive application, positioning, and component fixing must be done before the adhesive mix reaches its working time. Meanwhile, during the fixture time, the parts mustn’t be disturbed in any way for best results.

How do you Remove Plexus MA300?

Cleaning up is best done before the adhesive has had a chance to set. If the adhesive has already cured, a good approach would be to carefully scrape it with a scraper and then wipe it with a cleaning agent. N-methyl pyrrolidone or citrus terpene-based cleaners, an anti-greaser or a mild soapy solution, should be used for optimal cleaning.

What is Plexus MA300’s working time?

At a 1:1 ratio, MA300’s working time is between 3 and 6 minutes, while its fixture time is between 12 and 15 minutes.

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