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IITW Plexus MA310 Methacrylate Adhesive (Cream) 50ml

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  • Two part methacrylate adhesive
  • Working time 15 – 18 minutes
  • Fixture time 45 – 55 minutes
  • Mixing ratio 1:1
  • High strength and stiffness

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What Is a Methacrylate Adhesive?

Methacrylate adhesives are a popular choice among many industries and have become a staple in the aerospace, electronics, automotive and construction fields. Plexus MA310 is one of the market’s most widely used methacrylate adhesives due to its versatility, fast curing time and excellent bond strength. This two-part system is formulated for a variety of metals, plastics and other substrates.

Key Features

Easy-to-use 1:1 ratio

The Plexus MA310 adhesive is an incredibly versatile product that provides a strong and durable bond between many surfaces. The 1:1 ratio makes it easy to use and handle, allowing for quick repairs with minimal effort.

High strength

High strength is something that many people look for in adhesives, and Plexus MA310 Adhesive offers just that. This advanced adhesive is designed to provide strong and durable bonds, making it a great choice for a variety of bonding applications.

Non-sag thixotropic dispensing

Non-sag thixotropic dispensing is essential to the successful application of Plexus MA310. The non-sag feature eliminates any need for additional retouching, as it adheres to the surface without running or dripping away. This makes it ideal for use in applications where accuracy and precision are essential.

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