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ITW Plexus MA420 Methacrylate Adhesive Blue 380ml

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Two part methacrylate adhesive
Mixing ratio 1:1
Requires no surface preparation
Working time 4-6 minutes
Fixture time 18-22 minutes

Plexus MA420 is a high-strength, two-part methacrylate adhesive with a wide range of applications. It delivers superior performance with its high shear strength, excellent fatigue resistance and exceptional tensile elongation.

This product is ideal for bonding composite assemblies. It also works well when bonding dissimilar materials together, such as metal to plastic. The Plexus MA420 adhesive can be applied either manually or through automated equipment and is designed to provide instant bonds with minimal shrinkage for reduced stress on the substrates being bonded.

Plexus MA420 is manufactured by ITW Plexus, a member company of ITW Performance Polymers and one of its five divisions. ITW offers various adhesive solutions, including hardware lubricants, sealants & adhesives.

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Short working time

The Plexus MA420 adhesive is a robust yet lightweight product that offers many advantages for industrial and commercial applications. It has a short working time of just 4-6 minutes, meaning projects can be completed faster than ever. This quick drying time makes it an ideal choice for many businesses where speed is essential.

Develops strength consistently at room temperature

Plexus MA420 adhesive offers a novel approach to strength development at room temperature. This adhesive is ideal for projects requiring fast, consistent strength development. With Plexus MA420, you can enjoy fast cycle times and strong bonds without needing complicated heating or cooling techniques.

Designed for tough environments

Plexus MA420 is widely known for its highly toughened formula, which makes it ideal for use in harsh environments. The tough, two-part Methacrylate system bonds easily to metals, composites, plastics and more, offering unparalleled impact resistance. It also has excellent chemical resistance, withstanding hydrocarbons, acids, bases and salt solutions without degrading or losing its bond strength.


Besides manual application, Plexus MA420 can also be dispensed in bulk using stainless steel bulk dispensing equipment. A variable ratio dispenser capable of dispensing 10:1 by volume may be used for automated applications. In most cases, gear pump machines would be used to accomplish this. To maximise bond strength, make sure surfaces are mated within the specified timeframe.

As soon as parts are mated and clamped, ensure the joint is completely filled with the material. Parts must remain undisturbed until the time indicated for fixture completion.

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