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Everbuild Lumberjack 5 Min Tecnic Sealant 310ml

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Fast setting – 5 minutes
Exceptional bond strength to wood and most common building surfaces
Fully water proof
Internal and external use
Excellent chemical resistance

Building projects can often be time-consuming, but not with the right materials and tools. Everbuild’s Lumberjack 5-minute wood adhesive allows you to complete jobs quickly and easily. This powerful adhesive sets hard in just five minutes, making it ideal for Industrial, joinery, DIY and assembly functions.

Sika AG owns Everbuild Building Products Ltd. This brand is well-known for its Everbuild Stixall line, Stixall adhesive & sealant products, tapes, expanding foams, plumbing and heating supplies and other building supplies.

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The Everbuild Lumberjack comes as a gel and a liquid wood adhesive that cures with moisture. In just five minutes, this thixotropic gel sets hard, making it ideal for quick bonding jobs. During cure, it foams slightly to fill any small voids in mitre joints or surface inconsistencies and complies with EN 204 with a D4 strength rating. 

The product includes a nozzle with a cap for precise application. Spreaders can be used to apply a larger amount.

The polyurethane material is highly durable and chemically resistant. It is also resistant to rain and seawater, which makes it ideal for indoor or outdoor projects and marine carpentry. By pressing it into position and letting it harden, the glue will fill in gaps and prevent leaks. If spills occur during the five-minute curing schedule, these can be removed with a sharp blade after cure.


The Everbuild Lumberjack is ideal for wood jointing, assembly and construction in general, frame manufacturing for windows and doors, door manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, ladder and staircase construction, caravan and boat construction. It’s a premium insulation adhesive used for foam, glass wool and fibreboard.

Particularly suitable for equipment manufacturing and production line applications that require rapid handling. Because of its superior weathering and ageing properties, it’s great for both indoor and outdoor use. Its excellent bond strength makes it highly suitable for wood and the most common building surfaces. It also bonds with stone, concrete, brick and masonry.

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