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Sikaflex 265 Adhesive and Sealant Black 300ml

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Colour: Black
Single component polyurethane
Fast curing
For bonding toughened and laminated glass
High performance

Sikaflex 265 is a weather-resistant sealant and adhesive for direct glazing. This polyurethane adhesive fills gaps and cures when exposed to atmospheric moisture, forming an elastomer of lasting durability. Because of its excellent weathering resistance, it is ideal for use in exterior joints. The product is manufactured by Sika, known for its Sika primer, SikaBond adhesives and Sikaflex sealants.


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As a solvent-free and odour-free Sikaflex sealant and adhesive, Sikaflex 265 offers excellent processing and tooling properties. It cures when atmospheric moisture reacts with it.

It cures when atmospheric moisture reacts with it.

Sikaflex 265 can withstand freshwater, seawater, diluted acids and diluted caustics. It can also resist fuel, mineral oils, vegetable oil and animal oil for a limited time. However, it doesn’t stand up to organic acids, glycolic alcohol, mineral acids concentrated at high temperatures and caustic solutions

How do you apply Sikaflex?

An application starts with surface prep, with surfaces dry, clean and free from contaminants, grease and oil. For a bond to last, the character must be treated according to the nature of the substrate.

The processing temperature of Sikaflex 265 can range from 10 to 35 °C (climate and product). The ideal substrate-sealant temperature ranges from 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. However, changes in reactivity and application properties must be taken into account.

You can apply the adhesive at ambient temperature for easy application. Various piston guns, electrical and pneumatic-driven, and pump equipment can be used to process it. Meanwhile, tooling and finishing must be performed during the product’s skin time.

What can Sikaflex 265 be used for?

Sikaflex 265 provides direct-glazing solutions for OEM and repair applications. It works well with mineral glass windows and is suitable for use as a windshield Sika adhesive on buses, trucks and rail vehicles.

What is the difference between Sikaflex 265 and Sikaflex EBT?

Sikaflex EBT+ is another multi-purpose adhesive and sealant. Sikaflex 265 is primarily designed for bonding laminated and toughened glass, making it essential in OEM and repair applications where a specific approved flexible adhesive is required. Meanwhile, Sikaflex EBT is a general purpose versatile sealant and can be used on various surfaces, such as concrete, wood and metal.

Can it be used underwater?

For underwater uses, Sikasil pool sealant is better suited, as it’s designed to be used in frequently wet areas, such as swimming pools and shower rooms.

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