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Geobond HM/High Modulus Silicone Sealant/Adhesive White 290ml

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No shrinkage
High UV and aggressive atmosphere resistance
Excellent resistance to oils and solvents
Good abrasion resistance
Excellent primer less adhesion to a wide range of substrates

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Geobond HM 290ml White is a premium quality, one-part, high-strength, flexible hybrid polymer adhesive and sealant specifically developed for caravan and motorhome applications. It is a versatile product that can be used for a variety of sealing and bonding applications, including bonding and sealing front and rear panels, awning rails, side vents, roof vents, roof aerials, windows and side trims, filling small gaps and cracks, and repairing minor damage. Geobond HM 290ml White is a high-performance sealant that is ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

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