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Dow Corning Dowsil 796 Silicone Sealant 310ml

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Good unprimed adhesion to a variety of substrates
100% Silicone sealant
Low modulus, high elasticity
Conforms to ISO 11600-F&G-25LM
Low odour

Dowsil 796 is a neutral-curing, one-part silicone sealant designed to seal vinyl, glass, glazed, and brick surfaces. It is widely used to seal the perimeters of doorways and windows and on prefinished laminate flooring. This silicone sealant provides the best solution for simplifying the installation process of your windows. Dowsil 796 is manufactured by Dow Chemicals, a leading provider of hardware lubricants, sealants and adhesives. At Alsco, Dowsil 796 is available in anthracite, brilliant white, black, brown and grey options (other colours available).

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Dowsil 796 offers good adhesion without priming to a wide range of surfaces, such as glass, PVC-U doors and windows, brickwork, wood, aluminium and glazed surfaces. This 100% silicone sealant is low modulus and highly elastic and meets ISO 11600-F&G-25LM standards. It produces little odour and resists ozone, ultraviolet radiation and extreme temperatures. It also cures neutrally, eliminating the release of acetic acid during curing, preventing your newly installed product from being damaged.

Dowsil 796 takes 20 to 30 minutes to work (tack free in 2 hours and won’t slump). Remember that it’s not suitable for painting or staining after use.

Adheres well to a variety of surfaces without priming

When it comes to weatherproof sealants, unprimed adhesion is key. The Dowsil 796 is an excellent adhesive, as it sticks to a variety of substrates without priming. Unlike other sealants that require the surface to be prepared before application, Dowsil 796 saves time and effort by eliminating this extra step.

100% silicone sealant

Made with 100% silicone, Dowsil 796 offers outstanding durability and performance in any climate.

Neutral cure

A neutral cure silicone is a sealant with some distinctive qualities that make it highly desirable for certain applications. It releases alcohol or another non-acidic substance. This makes it safe to use on sensitive surfaces such as natural stone, marble, and zinc-coated metals without causing any damage.

Another advantage of neutral cure silicones is their excellent UV resistance. Using advanced technology, these sealants prevent weathering and discolouration caused by prolonged sun exposure. Due to their UV resistance, they’re perfect for outdoor applications like sealing windows and doors.

Low odour

While many traditional sealants can emit strong and unpleasant smells, causing discomfort for users, Dowsil 796’s low odour feature makes it an attractive choice. This is particularly important when working in confined spaces or indoor settings where ventilation may be limited.

The low odour feature of Dowsil 796 also makes it ideal for applications in sensitive environments such as hospitals, schools, and offices. In these settings, minimising disruptions or irritations caused by strong smells is crucial. With this silicone sealant, professionals can confidently carry out their work without worrying about inconveniencing others or compromising air quality.

What are the uses of Dowsil 796?

Dowsil 796 is a versatile sealant specifically developed for the sealing of PVC-U, glass, glazed surfaces, and brickwork. Its popularity lies in its effectiveness and durability when used for perimeter sealing.

When it comes to PVC-U window installations, Dowsil 796 offers exceptional adhesion and flexibility, allowing for movement without compromising the seal. This is essential in areas with extreme temperature variations or buildings that experience structural movements.

Dowsil 796 is also highly effective on glass and glazed surfaces. It forms a durable bond that resists cracking or peeling over time, ensuring long-lasting protection against water ingress and air leaks. The versatility of this bathroom sealant extends to brickwork, providing a strong barrier against moisture penetration while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of exposed brick structures.

Getting the surface ready

Before sealing surfaces, ensure they are free of frost, dry, clean and safe. All joints should be cleaned to remove contaminants that might affect adhesion, such as water repellents, debris, dust and sealant residue. Before applying the sealant to non-porous surfaces, wipe them with an oil and lint-free cloth using the appropriate solvent—mechanically clean porous substrates with a brush, sanding disc or any other suitable tool.


For a neat sealant line, the tape should be applied to the areas adjacent to the joints. As soon as you have finished tooling, remove the masking tape.


It is unnecessary to prime PVC-U or the most common substrates, such as brick. Test placement, however, should always be done before general use.


Professional-looking results can be achieved by tooling the sealant. You can use a sealant gun to apply the product. The joint should be tooled within five minutes of application for best results.

Shelf life

As long as the product is stored at the appropriate temperatures and is kept in its original container, Dowsil 796 can be used for 12 months after production.

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