Our range of flexible adhesives is designed to cater to a variety of applications, from industrial to commercial use. These adhesives have been specially formulated to offer a strong and durable bond even under extreme conditions such as high temperatures, moisture, and vibration. Our flexible adhesives are perfect for bonding dissimilar materials such as rubber, plastic, metal, and wood providing long-term elastomeric characteristics.

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Alsco’s range of flexible adhesives provides an ideal solution for customers seeking a reliable adhesive that offers both flexibility and strength. We can also provide guidance on the best option for your specific requirements, to provide improved health and safety properties, superior technical characteristics or cost savings for production. 

What Are Flexible Adhesives

Flexible adhesives are a type of adhesive that allows for some degree of movement or flexibility once it has bonded to two surfaces. These adhesives are ideal for use in applications where the materials being bonded may experience expansion, contraction, or vibration. They can be used on a variety of surfaces including plastics, metals, composites, glazing and most common construction and engineering surfaces.

Types of Flexible Adhesives

Flexible adhesives are an essential component in bonding applications that require flexibility. Different types of flexible adhesives are available such as silicone, Hybrid Polymer and Polyurethane making them suitable for various applications. These sealants offer adhesion to a wide range of surfaces with some offering enhanced temperature, UV and chemical resistance coupled with improved over paintability and adhesion properties.

Applications of Flexible Adhesives

Flexible adhesives have an extensive range of applications across various industries and are increasingly being used in current and future assembly environments to replace traditional fixing methods such as welding, riveting and fastening. Their flexibility (once cured), coupled with improved adhesion offers a multitude of areas where these are suitable for use. Many can be used internally and externally again, providing an almost endless range of uses for today’s increasingly demanding manufacturing and construction environments.