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Everbuild GP Silicone 280ml Clear

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Permanently flexible
Anti fungal formula
Quick curing, low dirt pick up
High strength waterproof seal
Low viscosity for fast application

Sika AG is a manufacturer of speciality chemicals for the construction and automotive industries. The Everbuild General Purpose Silicone adheres to smooth and nonporous surfaces. It is mould-resistant and provides permanent rubber sealing.

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Everbuild silicone offers a variety of applications and is a high-quality sealant. It works well for sealing around windows and doors and sealing wet areas with waterproof seals. The Everbuild sealant can also be used to bond glass, metal and plastic.

Use cases

Silicone sealant is versatile for sealing against water ingress in many different applications and industries as well as in domestic applications. the following are just a few uses for Everbuild GP silicone:

  •   Crack and gap sealing, whether cracks or gaps are present around tubs, showers, basins or other sanitary ware, Everbuild silicone sealant provides a watertight seal.
  •   Leak repair. If your faucet or pipe leaks, Everbuild can be used to prevent further damage.
  •   Applied to trims, cladding and panels made of PVCu
  •   The sealing of laminates and worktops (not natural stone)
  •   General Draught and damp proofing


Carefully cut the cartridge tip without damaging the thread. At an angle of 45°, apply the nozzle and make a clean cut with an opening slightly larger than the gap to seal.

Use a standard sealant gun to apply. In order to achieve the best results, keep the gun trigger at an even pressure and hold it at a constant angle to the surface you are sealing.

Wet a piece of wood or spatula with soap and water to ensure proper bonding before smoothing down the sealant. You can improve the appearance of the joint by covering both sides with masking tape and peeling it off within 5 minutes.

The difference with Stixall Adhesive

While Everbuild GP Silicone is a multipurpose silicone sealant, Stixall is a chemically curing sealant/adhesive that combines polyurethane with silicone properties. You can use Stixall for sealing and bonding in almost any application you can imagine. Overpainting is also possible.


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